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Tams Infertility Page

Thanks for stopping by my Infertility Page
One of the hardest things a couple can go through
Is finding out that they will never be
blessed with the love of a child of there own
I first found out I could not have children when I was 18
My husband and I had been married for a year
and we decided it was time to start our family
After some time had past we knew something had to be wrong
After a thorough exam and bloodwork we found out that I had a unique
Chromosome Disoder called Turner's Syndrome
in a nutshell all my X's aren't lined up like there suppose to be
After finding out further information
I knew having children was not in my future
We do plan to adopt one day
and after 13 years of comming to terms with my situation
My goal now is to try and help others who are going through this
This page definately comes from my heart..
If the information I provide here can help just one person
who is going through this..
Even if it is just having someone to talk to
then I feel I have done some good..
If you would like to show your support
then please feel free to send in a square or a informative link..
Hugs to all

That Which Can Never Be

Tears stream down upon my face
As I think of that which can never be
An emptiness touches my very soul
Knowing life will never feel complete

A feeling of anger builds from deep inside
When I think of all I had to give
For now all my dreams are shattered
But is myself I must now forgive

I know the time has come
That I must find the strength to heal
To realize I'm not to blame
And let go of this loss I feel.

2002 Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

Thank you so much Ruthi
You truly are an angel here on earth


I am a mother from a child unseen,
we are together apart, somewhere in between.

He is living in my heart
and we will always be together, and will never be apart.

I never can hold him;
I never can laugh with him,
or sing for him.

But I am a mother of a child unseen,
we are together apart, somewhere in between.

And I am holding you in my heart,
and I am laughing to you, in spite of that we are living together apart.

Hush hush baby, hear my song for you,
hush hush baby, I will always love you....

Hush hush baby, take it with you
hush hush baby, do you love me to?

I know you do!

Anneke van Nuus

Thank you so very much Anneke for writing this
very heart touching poem and sharing it with me and everyone.

Just click on my square to download
I would like to thank Marcia for making this square for me to share with you..

This infertility quilt was hand made with love from friends of mine and people
i've met who either suffer from infertility, have conquered there infertility,
or simply wonderful moms who wanna show there support...

Links to info and people with stories about infertility
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Fertility RX
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Infertility Resourses
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I promise there will be lots more links comming...
so please check back for updates..

Baby done by Tams
With tut by Christina

This site created was created by Tams
and is the of the owner