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Snowball & Tiger

Tiger & Snowball

Hi Everyone !!!
This is where I get to share with you
about Snowball and Tiger
Two wonderful puppies that came into our lives for a brief time
Yet gave us so much joy

On November 26th of 2001
I adopted Snowball and my nephew Joshua adopted Tiger
We were raising the girls together so that they would have each other.
Have always heard it's best for them to have someone to play with.
And those girls sure did love to play.
They were such a joy to us.

Then sadly in June of 2002 the girls were taken from us.
It happened so quick I had no idea what was going on.
The morning of Tigers death.
I had just checked on them.
They were full of energy and running around.
And then a bit later I was going
to take them for a walk.
And Tiger just looked up at me and took her last breath.
My heart just sank at her loss.
Plus the fact I had no idea what had happened.
Then just 2 short days later
Despite my attempts to keep her alive.
We lost our precious Snowball as well.

Immediately I started searching for answers as to what happened to the girls.
My end results were that girls had gotten a deadly disease called Parvo.

I was in shock.
For in all my years of living in the country and raising animals.
I had never heard of such a disease.
Therefore it was my fault for
not making myself more aware. ( IE talking to there vet )
To this day if I would of only known.
I might could of saved those precious girls

So I made a promise to myself.
That I would make this special page for them.
And alert as many as I possibly could to PLEASE
make sure you vaccinate your precious
pets from the deadly disease.

I have asked a dear friend of mine.
Thank you so much Pia.
To make a special adoption in the memory of Snowball and Tiger
You are more than welcome to place it on your sites.

Please link the adoption back to this page.

and the logo back to me at

Perhaps with your help.
We can make alot more people aware of this deadly disease
that strikes our precious pets.

This set is used with permission by Pia
Nothing on this page is for download