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Adopt A Guardian Teddy

Hi Everyone
I'm such a big fan of Teddy's and Angel's
That when I saw this beautiful Guardian Teddy
I couldn't resist getting it.

If you would like to adopt him just send me a mail with
Your E-Mail
Your URL
And i'll send him to you as soon as possible

There are a few rules though
1) Your site must be family friendly
No Pornography or Vulgur Language for example

2) You must give credit for the graphics you use
That means on the same page as the graphics

3)You must link the logo back to me at
So that others may find him

See that's not so bad
I hope you enjoy this new adoption at My World of Wishes
as much as I do.
and big thanks to my wonderful friend Pia
for making him so I can share him with you.


Special thanks to Pia of
Bear Country Graphics
For making this wonderful adoption

This site was created & is maintained by Tams
and is the of the owner