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Awards Recieved


Awards Recieved

Welcome Everyone !!!
Wow.. I am so excited..
I have worked really hard to try and make this site
something everyone can enjoy
I am so greatful for these awards.
Thanks to everyone who has granted me the honor of their award..
Please check out these sites
They are excellent
And thanks again for stopping by !!! Please return soon..

Would like to thank Nikki for this special award... Her site is wonderful.. Please visit..

Would like to thank Toni for this special award... Toni's is a wonderful site to visit!!

Would like to thank Teresa and Mike for this special award... There site is wonderful and inforative

Would like to thank Sharon for this special award... Was wonderfuly suprised by this one..

What a great suprise.. thanks Natalie... please visit Our Country Home !!

Special thanks to Lori and her family..was a beautiful suprise to get this one..

Thank you Nicole... What a awesome suprise...

Thank you so much Jennifer.. what a very special suprise...hugs!!

Thank you so much Beckie..hugs!!

Thank you so much Jana..hugs!!

Thank you so much Malinda..hugs!!

Click Here !! to see more of my special awards

Graphics created by Sassy
with tube purchased at Tanjuschka's Countryplace

Special thank you to my best friend Sassy
For creating this beautiful set for me

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All graphics and writings remain the of the credited owners.